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A memoir by Kimberly Wollenburg

On the outside, Kim seems to have it all. She's a loving mother of a special needs child and a small business owner. She lives in her own home with a man she loves. But Kim also lives another life - a life full of secrets and her secrets are killing her.

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"There are precious few things in this life of which I am certain. One is the love I have for my son, Andy...
The other thing of which I am certain is this: No one wants to be an addict."






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I'm a recovering meth addict with over five years of sobriety. CRYSTAL CLEAN is the memoir of my life as a functioning meth addict and how I was able to overcome my addiction to methamphetamine.

What is a functioning meth addict?

A functioning meth addict, or alcoholic for that matter, is someone who seems to be holding everything together. They hold down jobs and raise families. They're soccer moms and little league baseball coaches. They're professors and attorneys and doctors. From the outside, they seem to have the world by the tail, but on the inside, they're living their own private hell. The guilt and shame in addition to their addiction make it almost impossible to ask for help. It's for these people and their families that I wrote this book.

There's so much press about people who are on the streets, strung out, barely living from one hit to the next. But there's been nothing written from the point of view of a female meth addict, let alone a functioning meth addict. We are the ones who are overlooked because we're so well hidden. We're the ones who rarely seek help, and according to treatment professionals I've talked to, we're the most difficult to treat. I felt it was time to give people like me a voice.

It's easy to dismiss meth addicts. They're not one of us. We would never allow ourselves to sink so low. How could anyone let themselves get addicted to meth? Why would someone who seems to have it all, throw away everything for this drug? The answers aren't cut and dry and not all addicts look the way the media presents them. The truth is, a meth addict could be your next door neighbor and you might not ever know it.

My hope is that this book will encourage people who are too embarrassed by their circumstances to seek help for their own addictions.


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