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A memoir by Kimberly Wollenburg

On the outside, Kim seems to have it all. She's a loving mother of a special needs child and a small business owner. She lives in her own home with a man she loves. But Kim also lives another life - a life full of secrets and her secrets are killing her.

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"Thanks to everyone who has read my book and thank you for the wonderful reviews."
 -- Kim






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Excerpts From "Crystal Clean"

"On the outside, everything seemed fine. But barely scratch the surface, and the chaos of my living hell was frightening."


"I wanted my mom and dad and I needed my son. I wanted everything to be different but I couldn't see how to make that happen. As much as I wanted to be with my family, I also wanted meth, and I knew I couldn't have both. Meth didn't judge me regardless of how much I needed it. Meth was always there and it always made me feel good. Meth won."


"Spending time with a crazy, paranoid person that I didn't like was nothing compared to what other women have done for meth. I know women who allowed themselves to be traded among men -- sometimes groups of them -- like baseball cards. The woman went to the highest bidder, so to speak. Whoever could provide the current "keeper" the most bang for their buck became the new owner. And on and on it would go, because once a woman is in that situation... And the thing is, none of those women wanted to be that way. None of them would ever have imagined, in their worst nightmare that something like that could happen, especially not to them. No one wants to lose her humanity. No one wants to be an addict."


"Every addict I know says the same thing, in one way or another: their drug of choice filled that empty space in their soul that nothing else could touch."





"Dear Kim,

I recently got your Crystal Clean book on kindle and just now finished it. I hope you don't mind me emailing you at your cookie business email, but I didn't see any other to send a message too.

My husband was a meth addict for 10 years, and while our story is amazing (at least to me lol), I'll not go into all that to keep this short, as I'm sure you have cookies to make and a boy in a bug suit to love on (:

While I was a drug user for years, I never got into meth, and I'm so thankful I never did. My husband has been clean now, with no relapses, for a few days over 7 years, and I'm so proud of him!!! It was fascinating to read your story and get a glimpse at the mind of a meth addict. I couldn't hardly put it down, actually. Right now, it is after 2am and I'm going to regret staying up this late the night before a busy day of church and 2 holiday gatherings, but I just couldn't stop reading!!

Thank you for sharing your story...I can't imagine how hard it was to write. I have my own dark years and skeletons rattling in my closet, although I feel so blessed that, for whatever reason, I didn't "go there" for the most part.

I hope this book touches many lives and helps those trapped in that world. And I'm so glad you got out of it, your story brings hope to a very dark world.

Have a blessed holiday,"
-- Dawn

"Being a mom of a special needs son (only child) and struggling to be everything to that child, while barely hanging on yourself is such a familiar story to me. While reading this book, it hit home so much I had to stop reading it for moments at a time. So real and writing was so descriptive, I had to separate her feelings from my own in some regard.

Thank you for opening up to your readers and trusting us with your story.

I picture you kind of like a female "Rocky" winning in the end. Can't help but root for you and Andy"
 -- BookLover

"Rummaging in a trunk of dark, shocking memories and sharing them with others takes full on courage. It takes an incredibly strong woman with something powerful to tell.

Kim Wollenburg is that woman. And her memoir, Crystal Clean: A mother's struggle with meth addiction and recovery, is that story.

She takes us on a nail biting ride through the dark tunnel of Meth addiction. When we emerge from the tunnel, and catch a quick breath, she rushes us full blast down curvy, treacherous roads. We dig our fingernails into her life and hang on with her, hoping and praying she doesn't crash.

Sadly, she does. But thankfully this is only the beginning.

Something incredible happens when she hits bottom. Through her story, we are shown how the tender human spirit can literally pick itself up by the bootstraps, shake off a rusty, addiction ridden life and with silent, capable hands write a new, shiny one.

Kim's powerful writing style is honestly raw, riveting and infused with hope. A must read!"
 -- Dorraine Darden

"What an insightful and bravely written book. What Kim has shared is an amazingly helpful understanding to anyone who has been touched by the outreaching fingers of meth addiction and mental illness. And to those who haven't, a good reminder that not everyone or everything is as it may seem. She allows you to visit an "underworld" that normally only 'users/dealers' get to see. I have never read anything that gave me so many 'OH GOD!' moments! Her story drops "bombs" that you just don't see coming.

To be as completely honest as she was in her story takes a kind of bravery that many people don't possess. Through it all she never loses sight of the love, concern and admiration she has for her son. Which is something that is usually stripped away by this terrible drug. While fighting her demons, she will make you laugh, cry, sigh and gasp. An amazing story that is WELL worth reading and recommending. Good JOB Kimbo!"
-- mld

"A beautiful memoir about one mom's struggle with her lot in life and how she chose to deal with it using illegal drugs. It's told in a brave, clear manner with no careful wording. I loved reading more about Andy and was absolutely rooting for Wollenburg through it all."
-- Addie

"What an amazing story!! I have read a lot of memoirs of addiction and this is one of the best. Totally heart wrenching, unbelievably raw and honest, this is one book I just couldn't put down.
Thank you Kim for writing such an honest book. I wish you and your beautiful son many more happy years of recovery."
-- starfairy78

"This book is very easy to read. It gave me a great insight into my son's thinking processes. Being able to really understand that he is the only one that can make a difference in his life has helped me regain my own life. Thank you, Kim, for sharing your struggles with us - you have made a difference in my family's life!"
-- Josie

"Crystal Clean is a book I couldn't put down about an amazing woman who was once completely immersed in the world of crystal meth. If you didn't know that she made it through the other side (because she is telling her own story), you might not believe she will come out of it alive.

Kim lays out her life story, with memories that help show her state of mind as she started using different drugs and then meth. But it's not a "woe is me" story, and she doesn't dwell on the bad things that contributed to her mental state. It is ultimately a story about how a mother's love can overcome the terrible odds associated with this addiction. Personally, I could relate to Kim because I am the same age and also grew up in Boise. I had some similar experiences, but my life took a different path. It is thought-provoking to see how the stories of our lives could have easily been interchanged if just a few small difference were switched between her background and mine.

Crystal Clean is written vividly enough that I could see the story like a movie. I thoroughly recommend this book."
-- emcalaska

"I went to school with Kim. After many years of being out of touch, we reconnected on Facebook where I eventually gathered enough to assume that she was a mother, a writer, and perhaps a burgeoning business woman who made and decorated some amazing-looking cookies. When Kim made the announcement about her book coming out, I was naturally interested. The title surprised me; I had no idea, and I wanted to know more about her story. That was my primary interest in the book. This alone made the book captivating for me. What I didn't expect was (1) how much insight the book gave me about meth addictions, and the situations my co-workers face on a more regular basis than I, and (2) the support and encouragement I felt to continue working with and through my own issues.

First, I am pretty naive about drug and alcohol addictions. If this is where you are at, and you are a parent, teacher, or general citizen who just wants to learn more, I think Kim's honesty throughout this story will help you to understand more. In my case, I have frequently felt a little impatient with some of my counselor-co-workers when they immediately assume there is a meth addiction involved, or when they always bring things back to an addiction. Throughout her story, Kim makes it clear how easy it was to hide her addiction, and to even work, and seem 'normal' to everyone else.

On the other hand, while I don't know much about drug and alcohol addictions, I do have experience with what it is like to try to overcome an addiction, as well as all of the other related issues behind addictions such as self-esteem, co-dependency, and so on. Kim's story about her own struggles, and eventually, her honest efforts to work on her own issues, and to create a better life for herself and her son, is a beacon--a message of hope and encouragement--for anyone else trying to do the same. The feelings and emotions that she describes and expresses are real, and I could identify. For this reason, I am most grateful for Kim's book. Her story has been an inspiration to me, and a reminder about some things I needed to be reminded of.

Crystal Clean touched me on many levels. It's one of those books you put down at the end, sigh deeply, and say "wow!" Thank you, Kim, for sharing your story!"
-- Rebecca Ford

"I am amazed this woman is still alive. Different from the other books about addiction that I've read. She's inspiring and I would recommend this book."
-- Amanda Pelletier

"Excellent book -- was hard to put it down. Really gave me an insight of how incredibly miserable it would be to be addicted to meth or any drugs."
-- JoAn Walston

"I started out by reading the preview and ended up downloading the Kindle reader software for my laptop so that I could continue reading. Kim bravely shares all the gory details of her struggle with a nasty drug. You can't help but feel how much love she has for her son, Andy and you root for them the whole way through.

I can't really find words sufficient to express how much this story moved me.

Thank you, Kim, for sharing your story with the world. You are an inspiration!"
-- Cookies4Chloe

"I could not put this book down. As a recovering meth addict and mother of a disabled child myself, I could completely relate to Kim. Your story is so inspiring. Having been clean and sober for 2 years now I know the struggles of rebuilding your life. Thank you for sharing your story and giving those of us dealing with this addiction hope. May all your hopes and dreams come true."
-- Amy